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Detroit, it's your time to shine: the city that just emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history is poised for a major kind pf comeback. In fact, that comeback is already well underway. With an explosion in housing demand and enterprising entrepreneurs and creatives moving into Detroit's neighborhoods, coupled with vibrant cultural and technological scenes that are only getting stronger, Detroit just might be the city of the future that was promised so many years ago. 



VOICES: Infrastructure key to Southeast Michigan’s future

Quality infrastructure is the very foundation of the health and economic prosperity of our region. So how do we invest in it wisely?

Pontiac Councilwoman Doris Taylor Burks at Pontiac City Hall

Local elected officials of color on race and politics in the age of Trump, part 2

City council members of color from Ypsilanti, Detroit, and Pontiac weigh in on tackling a volatile political climate and how public perceptions have affected their careers.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer

Is Detroit a sanctuary city? Depends on who you ask

Sanctuary cities are municipalities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in deporting, detaining, or collecting information on residents who may be in the country illegally have recently. Tim Boscarino looks into whether or not Detroit is one. 

At the Warby Parker “housewarming” party

Retro Vision: Warby Parker helps reimagine an iconic downtown mural

In designing their downtown store, Warby Parker invited 82-year old Detroit artist David Rubello to reimagine his 1973 mural "Color Cubes"—a public artwork that was lost in 2014.

Exterior of Freedom House

One of a kind house for asylum seekers in Detroit faces uncertain future

Freedom House, a singular organization that offers comprehensive care to asylum seekers, has some difficult decisions to make in the coming months caused by successive pieces of devastating news.
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